The story of how it

All began

Our story

ABC was founded by a group of friends from Amsterdam with the mission to bring bold tasting beers to Mokum. Inspiration is mainly drawn from the craft-beer culture in California and in particular the IPA-craze in San Diego.
With creative brewing ABC has crafted a bridge between American boldness and European refinement. Some of ABC’s beers are truly unique, using innovative ingredients while honoring traditional brewing techniques.


We Care
We care about the future of our beautiful planet and the wellbeing of all living creatures. That’s why we use organic ingredients for our beers whenever possible. Cheers to a better future!

Beginning ofMarch

A fun idea

Going to the brewers market and buying a starting kit for home brewing

End of March

Chilling in a bathtub

A 20L batch brewed at home and chilled in the bathtub.
Imagine a small bathroom a bath full with ice and a 20L barren chilling in the tub.



After fermenting in the crawl space under the house, we where ready to bottle. No label was used, since we only brewed for ourselves and friends.

End of April


Giving out the bottles to friends and colleagues the reception was so good that new plans where made. Thus Amsterdam Brewing Company got started.